In 1907, at the last meeting of the Texas Veterans Association   

In 1907, at the last meeting of the Texas Veterans Association


History: The Sons Of The Republic Of Texas

The first Sons of the Republic of Texas was formed on April 21, 1893, in Richmond, Texas, by several sons and grandsons of veterans of the Texas Revolution. Their main purpose was to accompany the Texas Veterans Association members to their annual reunions. The Texas Veterans Association ceased to exist when its last member, Alphonso Steele, died in 1911. With the demise of the Texas Veterans Association, the Sons of the Republic of Texas slowly became inactive.

On March 2, 1922, the ideals of the Texas Veterans Association adopted by the first Sons of the Republic of Texas once again inspired the formation of a new organization. Its revitalization was due in a large part by the realization that Texas heritage would not be remembered without constant reminders to the community. Membership requirements for the SRT were broadened to include any male being a direct descendant of a resident of the Republic of Texas. The San Jacinto Chapter, located in Houston, Texas, received the first charter.

On October 20, 1934, the SRT was incorporated under the laws of Texas as a non-profit corporation. The SRT has been an active leader in preserving Texas’ rich heritage. In 1936, the SRT was instrumental in the design and construction of the San Jacinto Monument and the founding of the Museum. In 1957, the SRT influenced the Texas legislature to appropriate funds for the construction of the Texas State Library and Archive Building. In 2003, the SRT and other historical organizations worked with the Texas legislature to designate March as Texas History Month. In 2005, the SRT led the movement for the Texas legislature to designate the third Saturday in September of each year as Texian Navy Day.


History Of The Alamo Chapter SRT

Alamo Chapter 40 The Alamo Chapter, formerly the Bonham Chapter, was rechartered in February 2008 at the Alamo by President General Dick Reese. The chapter formally petitioned the SRT for the rechartering in October 2007 with Albert Gallatin, Fred Pfeiffer and Richard Esparza as interim officers. Upon rechartering the first officers were: Al McCutcheon, President; Ken Pfeiffer, Vice-president;  and Richard Esparza, Treasurer with Bob Benavides and David Jauer as Executive Committee members.

In the first year the chapter grew rapidly (winning the Bachman Award) to 60+ members and added Phil Reyes as Secretary. The chapter established relationships with the San Antonio Living History Association (SALHA) and all three local DRT chapters. In addition, the chapter established "The Republic of Texas Essay Contest" for local middle school students with Al McCutcheon heading the project. Over one thousand students participated that year.

By 2009 the chapter had grown to over 100 members (again winning the Bachman Award).  In the spring the chapter hosted the SRT Annual Meeting at Tapatio Springs near San Antonio. The chapter continued to grow it's relationship with the DRT and were invited to participate in all their events including: Texas Independence Day at the Alamo, the Alamo Memorial on March 6th, and the "Pilgrimage to the Alamo" during Fiesta. The chapter expanded it's partnership with SALHA by participating in the "Dawn at the Alamo" event on March 6th, the "Battle of Concepcion" event in October and the "Battle and Siege of Bexar" event in December. The chapter also establish a role in the "Battle of Medina" event by conducting a seminar in Pleasanton. Further the chapter began the annual Ben Milam memorial event at his grave site in downtown San Antonio. In the Fall the chapter conducted a genealogy workshop at Palo Alto College and conducted a recruiting drive. The chapter also was represented at the annual Ruiz-Herrera Cemetery event.

In 2010 the chapter continued to grow; by July having over 120 members. The "Republic of Texas Essay Contest" had also grown to include 2023 student participants. The chapter continues it's relationship with the DRT; participating in all their spring events. The chapter also continues it's partnership with SALHA; participating in it's events.